Welcome to the LOVE MY UKULELE website and hub for our online community of ukulele enthusiasts.
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We currently have over 16,500 of you getting in on the act over on Facebook and that is a great place to catch lots of ukulele news, events, photos, videos and other random ukulele related stuff, with much of it shared by our wonderful and enthusiastic members.
This 100% online community would not be so vibrant and strong if it were not for you, our members, so thank you to each and every one of you for being a part it. We are also on Instagram & Pinterest.
In November 2018, I purchased Duke Banjo Ukuleles and now proudly manufacture and distribute one of the finest Tenor Banjoleles in the world today, the DUKE10. This has meant a big change in focus for me, so the Love My Ukulele Club has become part of the Duke Community. The newsletter has had a makeover and is no longer the Love My Ukulele Club Newsletter, but "The Duke Journal".

We would love you to JOIN the Duke Community today. It's completely FREE, and as a member, you will receive via email the Duke Journal regularly. It will contain things like:

  • Ukulele Tips - Useful and interesting ukulele (and banjolele!) related material. Playing tips and tricks, repair and care tips, history and fascinating facts.
  • Ukulele Offers and Product Recommendations - It’s always nice to save money, so we will be sending you various offers and recommendations of ukuleles, t-shirts, merchandise and accessories – whatever we can find that is interesting and exciting. 
  • Ukulele Videos - We have scoured the internet searching for brilliant, funny and eclectic videos performed on the ukulele and/or banjolele, and will be sharing one with you in each newsletter. We will also feature videos shared by you, our members.
To JOIN US simply fill out the form by CLICKING HERE
I look forward to staying in touch. 
Keep On Uke-In!
Jamie Houston
Founder - Love My Ukulele
Owner - Duke Banjo Ukuleles
New Zealand