Bring It Home

Shared By: Ivan Olarte | This is a video of a beautiful song from Les Miserables called “Bring It Home”. I had not heard it before until 5 days ago, and I learned a few days ago, so I could share it with you and a very personal story of how I came to know it. You can read the story about how\why I made this video on my blog here:

I dedicate this video to my two wonderful sons Daniel and Adam Reed Olarte. For they are my guiding light as I remain strong so I can teach them how I fight the biggest battle of my life to date. I also want to thank Carlton Chong, who after reading about my diagnosis on a post at the Ukulele Underground Forums, was kind enough to send me some very supportive e-mails and followed up with the F#&K Cancer t-shirts that you see on the title and that I’m wearing on this video.

Ivan Olarte