New Ukulele T-Shirt Has Companion Song

Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

Following the launch of our latest Limited Edition T-Shirt titled “UKES NOT NUKES!”,  we were sent a link to this great song by one of our members and prolific singer/songwriter Mookx Hanley of Byron Bay, Australia. We think it is very cool that he already has written a song that embodies the spirit in which we designed this cool t-shirt.

You can listen to his song by clicking the play button below…

And if you want to get your very own “UKES NOT NUKES!” T-Shirt to wear, click the shirt below for all the details. But make sure you do it NOW as this Limited Edition design, available in 4 eye-catching awesome colours, is only available until March 27th.

Ukes Not Nukes Limited Edition T-Shirt Image

Now the way the T-Shirt works is that we must hit our goal of 40 tees before they get printed. So if on the end date (March 27th) we have hit target then your credit card will be charged, the shirts will be printed and posted out all over the world. If, however we don’t hit target, no one will be charged and no one will get their tees. So let’s get ordering and we can all enjoy wearing them.! 🙂 They can be sent just about anywhere in the world, and if you combine your order with a friend or with your uke club members, you can save heaps on shipping costs.

We are hoping this tee will bring about world peace in no time LOL! Click here to get yours now!

These T-Shirt sales allow us the budget to keep the Love My Ukulele community alive.


Sunday, December 1st, 2013

Jamie Houston - Founder of the LOVE MY UKULELE CLUB

Did you know that the LOVE MY UKULELE CLUB is run 100% by me, Jamie Houston – that’s me in the photo. I live in Wellington, which is the capital city of New Zealand, and I have a huge passion for all things UKULELE!

My biggest challenge with the online community that I have created, is the cost of funding it. As I write this we are approaching Christmas 2013, and since launching the LOVE MY UKULELE CLUB in January 2013 I have spent over $5000 designing, building, creating, maintaining, updating, posting, outsourcing, promoting, responding, collaborating, troubleshooting and the list goes on!!! And most of this has come from my own pocket, along with some help from T-Shirt sales and other fund-raising.

The exciting news is that we currently have over 7300 Likers on our Facebook Page, and have a very popular Website that is almost 100% populated by great content from you, the members. We have an informative BLOG, a section that features your PHOTOS with over 250 submissions, and the newest addition is the VIDEO section, which you are loving, based on the massive number of views some videos are getting, and we are getting new submissions almost every day! We also have other social media sites setup and linked to our website. We have Pinterest, Twitter, Google Plus and YouTube. I also have lots of new ideas for 2014 and just wish there were more hours in the day. Among other things, we are planning to have a classified section for buying and selling ukes, an international directory of ukulele players and ukulele clubs, as well as a directory of teachers. How does that sound?

Recently, some of you awesome people have expressed a desire to support the CLUB, so I have put up this page so you can do just that.

I welcome any and all donations, big or not so big, and you can be assured that they will be used to continue spreading the spirit of the ukulele worldwide as this awesome community grows even bigger!

Thanks for being part of the journey with me 🙂

Click the DONATE button below to make your contribution.



Thank You For Being Part Of This Amazing Ukulele Group

Sunday, September 8th, 2013

The founder of LOVE MY UKULELE, Jamie Houston talks about the growth of this community thanks to all the wonderful members.


Arm the World with Ukes Not Nukes

Thursday, July 11th, 2013



LOVE MY UKULELE CLUB FOUNDER Jamie Houston – Christmas 2006

By Jamie Houston. “Arm the World with Ukes Not Nukes”

You would think that with a statement like that, I would be some political throwback from the 60’s, but no, I’m very much here in the present, and not really politically minded. I am however, very passionate about ukuleles. As an instrument, you could call it the ‘gateway’ instrument, as it opens the way to so much fun and above all, it is very easy to learn. My love affair with this ‘little flea’ of an instrument started a couple of years ago in a friends’ backyard around the campfire (BBQ!). Before too long, there was a whole group of us with ukes, all eager to learn. In no time I was strumming out the chords to ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’. A star was born (somewhere!). In fact it was these gatherings that spawned the North Coast Ukulele Collective, of which I was a co-founder.

I am now a lover of all things ukulele, and have a vision to put a ukulele into the hands of every person on the planet, which will of course bring about world peace! How can you not smile when playing a ukulele, or when confronted by someone with a ukulele? Imagine if our soldiers in Iraq were armed with ukes instead of guns? The other guys would just down weapons and join them for a sing-song, chanting “Ukes not Nukes!” – I can see it now.

My ultimate vision is for everyone to discover the joy of playing ukulele, but this will start in schools with the children, and will grow as their families and friends get caught up in the ‘uke hype’ that is currently taking the world by storm. The far north coast of New South Wales is a melting pot of musical and cultural styles, so lends itself perfectly to the formation of a new musical community known as Uke-topia. Hey, I like the sound of that – we could all wear Hawaiian shirts and just play ukulele all day while having the love of the people support us in our quest to achieve Uke-vana.

The happy ending to this little tale will come about when I set up an Organisation that can promote my vision and receive donations from other uke lovers to sponsor children into ukuleles. I will have a factory churning them out by the thousands, and every recipient will get free lessons given by a band of roving uke-a-holics from my “Uke Can Do It” Teaching Academy. Watch this space…

By LOVE MY UKULELE FOUNDER Jamie Houston – Written May 2007 and published in an online magazine “Music. Play For Life” put out by Music Council of Australia. Jamie now resides in Wellington, New Zealand