Healing Cancer Through Peace Love & Ukulele

Shared by Ivan Olarte | It is Friday 7/25/2014 3 days after my prostate surgery for cancer. Still sore, still far from winning the war, but the first dragon was slayed with your help.

This is a Thank you to all my Uke, UU, and FB friends who responded to my request to play a song for me, and\or for someone you know who has battled the cancer Dragon.

Your support, your love, gave me the strength to come out smiling and to go home in less than 24 hours! for that I thank you!

I was in a dark hole for the last 5 months as I prepared for battle. But today, I’m smiling, and while still weak and in pain I’m back baby and here is Uke\Cajon Jam from to you.

Note the walking stick is my contraption to walk and hold my catheter bag of the next 10 days… it is not like some people suggested my impression of Raffiki, or the Hermit Card from the Tarot 😉