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Alfredo Impromptu

Monday, September 29th, 2014

Thanks so much to Alfredo Canopin Sr and his wife Jovina for recording and sharing this video of Alfredo performing The Shadow of Your Smile with us. His beautiful chord melody style of playing is just beautiful and he plays with such feeling. Why not leave him a comment if you enjoy his performance 🙂

Unforgettable Experiences That Sealed My Love Of The Ukulele Forever

Monday, July 8th, 2013
By Alfredo Canopin, Sr. In the summer of 1951 at the age of 16, I participated in a ukulele contest at the Palama Settlement in Honolulu.  It was a surprising experience to win 1st place which I was presented by, at that time, the popular M.C of KGMB, J. Akuhead Pupule, a 1st place winner prize of a beautiful radio made of walnut wood.  My family and I was so proud seeing me printed in the Honolulu Star-Bulletin newspaper.
Al Canopin Sr.

Alfredo Canopin Sr.

After having the experience of winning 1st place, I entered another contest and found there would be several different talent of various types.  There were accordion players, guitarist’s vocal talent and small ensembles.  My older sister advised that I needed to play a special song that would be different from everyone else.  I played a medley of 3 songs and called it, “Chop Suey Medley”.  It was so different, that again I won 1st place.  That day I have never forgotten when one of the judges conversed with me and advised me to pursue reading music.  I followed that judges words of wisdom.
My most unforgettable experience with my ukulele is my trip to Portugal, where I performed in the 1998 World Expo.  I also was honored to be invited to a special father & son Nunes Family Reunion: “The Braguinha Meets the Ukulele Concert” in Madeira, Portugal.
My wife witnesses my love for my ukulele…she hears my playing everyday.

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