These Rivers Still Run

Shared By : Matt Hicks | These Rivers Still Run – An original song written on the uke.

This is an original song about forgotten people based around the story of the Tyburn River which is a forgotten stream that flows underneath London and under Buckingham Palace.
Proof that not all songs written on the ukulele are superficial happy songs.

Lyrics included below:

These Rivers Still Run

Strangers pay no heed to the woman singing to an empty sky.
Bags in hand and hope in heart, she hangs on to her smile.
The children of her offspring dance around in photos from her purse.
She love to speak to someone to tell them what they mean to her.

These rivers still run underneath the streets you walk.
These Tyburn days roll on without you knowing where they start or end.

Wakes up every night with nightmares but has noone to call.
His mother barely makes it upstairs most nights if at all.
He keeps a blanket underneath the sofa where she often falls asleep.
By morning she’s right as rain and these are the memories he keeps.


There’s a time to live a time to die, a time to love and a time to take on time.
But these moments are not given to people waiting patiently in line.
But there are kinds of love that don’t stand so right and proudly on a stage.
These are no actors given lines to say for which they’re paid.

This river still runs
Underneath the streets you walk.
I’d feed the soil that holds the floor beneath your thrown
Through as many of these Tyburn days I live.