E-Z tip of the day for anybody who feels inadequate or inept, or just too lazy to master chords or fingering on a ukulele.

After years of frustration, I have discovered an E-Z way to play the ukulele…with one finger!

Step 1. Buy a soprano ukulele (one with fret markers is extra helpful)
Step 2. Tune it to EAEA (or other open chord tuning)
Step 3. Strum the open strings…it’s an ‘A’ chord!
Step 4. Place your left index finger across the neck at any fret and press down, then strum the strings…it’s a new chord
Step 5: As you move that single finger up the frets you will discover an ascending scale of chords available to you. You can play thousands of songs with just 2 or 3 select chords.
Step 6: You can fret fewer than four strings and let the others ring in accompanying drone.

There! You can now play the ukulele with no skill, no practice, no fuss and bother. Nothing but joy and fun, fun, fun.

Shared By: Robin Crutchfield